Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eating Raw This Winter

There is nothing better than curling up to a blanket on a cold winters day with a bowl hot soup, right? Many people fear or dislike eating raw during the cold winter months because they think that it keeps them cold. But, just how scientific is this?

The entire point of eating raw is to maintain the enzymes and the nutritional value of the food (Click here to see video on the raw diet)Enzymes are essential to all life.Enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food that we eat in order to make it usable nutrient dense fuel for our bodies. If we look at this process with a logical lens then we can deduct that if the food is lacking in enzymes then our bodies will work harder to break down the food with the use of it's own self-created enzymes.

The difference between eating a raw meal and a cooked meal is actually observable. After eating a raw meal -- it's nearly impossible to have that heavy or exhausted feeling. Eating cooked food often leaves us with the feeling known as "food coma". This "food coma" is the process of your body using it's own enzymes and blood to break down the meal in the digestion system. Your digestion organs pull blood from your hands, feet, head, and elsewhere leaving you with colder body parts. 

To understand this theory let's take a look at cooked food. Every piece of food is alive in it's natural state and like the human body  it is running ramped with electrons.  As soon as living food is heated above temperatures 115˚-118˚F the molecular structure is altered. When we cook or a living organism we essentially kill those electrons and enzymes and the food becomes more acidic or oxidizing because it steals energy from our body (think of rust, breakdown, decay). Some foods even create acid-forming toxins and free radicals (for example: Oils).

So to close the argument--is raw food good for winter meals? After looking at the science behind raw food it seems like raw food may keep the body 's temperature warmer because all the energy, heat producing electrons, and blood stay exactly where they should.  So go ahead and dive into that huge leafy salad this winter and enjoy the benefits!

Friday, August 22, 2014

$20 Organic Brunch Prix Fix!

Saturday August 23, 2014
 Launches our New Organic Brunch Menu

$20 Prix-Fix (Starter + Entree+ Coffe)
$10 Unlimited Mimosas with Prix-Fix

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"All the cars in the world do not equal the damage done by the agriculture industry"

These are both terrifying and comforting words about a very true reality. How can something be both at the same time? Let me explain. It's terrifying because in no way are we about to abandon agriculture in the near future. It is what feeds human beings after all. With agriculture being an absolute necesity and having knowledge about it's effects at the same time is like watching a loved one slowly die on propose. It can be agony for those that truly want to save the planet and ultimately ourselves.

Now for the fluffy part.

The Earth did not come in a nicely packaged boxed with agriculture included. It is a "man-made" process and therefor it can be a "man-shaped" process. The challenge in this change falls in the sheer volume of work that lies ahead of us. We need scientists to give the facts. We need news stations and papers to give these facts the massive attention that they deserve. And, possibly the most difficult challenge lies in companies willingness to lose money in order to create a new system that might have some growing pains until a new system gets ironed out.

On a very small scale--GustOrganics can understand why this might be so challenging for those corporations. There is so much economical risk from their point of view (granted if the Earth dies due to lack of change then they have more to worry about than their company's bank account). In GustOrganics' situation we are transitioning from a heavy meat restaurant to vegan and we see the economical cost of trying to create a better system. The old system followers do no approve and therefore do not support. If one were to observe this transition phase they might call it a failure.

But that person would have to lack imagination because the beginning of change always starts slow. On the upside--a totally new passionate and dedicated demographic do support our decisions--but it takes time and word of mouth before the new supporters fill the void created by the old clientele. With tiny steps here and tiny steps there, you finish the race without anyone noticing how. People will ultimately focus on the finish line and this finish line must be paved with compassion for the planet, the animals, and most of all self preservation.

Undoubtedly, Self-Preservation is by far the most important to humans, Not one single logical person can fault a company for trying to save themselves, right? So why aren't more food and agriculture companies using this fault proof excuse to justify their change for the better?  This logical excuse to change the agricultural system is going to be the key to their success. If enough people hear the "why" enough people will support the change of system. We simply need to start the conversation with more passion and more emphasis on the urgency of self-preservation. The clock is ticketing away with every second spent stagnant in the old system of agriculture. So let's change. After all, like I said--it's man-made and it can be man-shaped.

Friday, August 8, 2014

GustOrganics Now Serves Exclusive Monday Menu ALL WEEK LONG!

I've heard it called "true gourmet vegan food", "sheer awesomeness", "Don Draper Style food" and much more. People are raving about the simply awesome Meatless Monday Menu (AKA The Sexy Vegan Menu)--so much so--that we've decided to make it available 7 days a week! The below is coming soon! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sexy Vegan Catering Menu

Meet GustOrganics
Sexy Vegan Catering Menu

As many scientists start to to bring talk of meat production effects on the environment more and more mainstream , GustOrganics feels like it is our duty to keep up with the scientific times and mold to the new modern ideal of what is most sustainable! We are now more local plant-based than ever! We honor every Meatless Monday, our new daily menu is 85% plant-based, and even our catering now offers a 100% Gourmet Sexy Vegan Menu!  

You and your guests will love it...We promise!

For inquiries contact Kiki @ 609.389.3893

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Meatless Monday Commercial

The Time Has Come to be Plantiful:

Meatless Monday has Finally Arrived!

Support the Cause and enjoy the food!

July 14, 2014 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Meatless Monday Starts This Week!

Organic Restaurant, GustOrganics, is Playing With Fire
“60% of our profit comes from meat…and on July 14th we are going meatless.”

If 60% of a restaurant’s profit comes from meat dishes—then why would that business isolate   It is officially GustOrganics’ duty to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible in order to honestly maintain that title.
an entire day during the week where they refuse to serve meat? This answer is simple: Not all restaurants have the title “The Greenest Restaurant in NYC.” GustOrganics, on the other hand, does.

Starting Monday July 14th, GustOrganics is launching a new Meatless Monday initiative where every dish on the featured menu is deliciously plant-based. This is a risk. As mentioned, most of their clients are carnivores; however, GustOrganics is not just serving food, they are serving lifestyle.  Nothing great comes without risk and GustOrganics is about to take a step into uncharted territory; a territory completely over-grown with kale and spinach, but they are positive that this is a step towards something great.

If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Kiki Adami, please call 609-389-3893 or email events@gustorganics.com. Or visit GustOrganics at 519 Ave of Americas New York, NY 10011.